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Convention Announcement & Upcoming Hiatus Notice

The first ever announcement on my site! Exciting!

We'll do this by order of which will happen first, which is the Hiatus. At the end of February I will be having surgery, this will put me out of commission art wise for about 2-3 weeks. Everything will be on hold for that time, and I will need to gently ease back into art, so updates may be slow.

The second thing is way more exciting; I've been invited to work a convention! I'll have a table in Artist Alley & be running a few panels at Jaycon 10 this coming March 28th & 29th. Jaycon was my first ever fandom convention as a baby nerd 8 years ago! It's heartwarming to have been invited to work with an event that has such a special in my own history.

Thanks for reading! 

- Lance Corvus

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